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Coming out of Lockdown

Chescoe Ltd is regulated by RICS and offers a wide range of surveyor services including finding building design solutions to help our clients obtain their planning permissions, building regulation approval and ultimately to provide the contract administrators role when their projects get to site. In addition to that we also carry out condition surveys and will be pleased to prepare a report on your building for either insurance or planned maintenance purposes.

As Chartered Surveyors, our profession serves in critical functions to restart operations post lockdown, the confidence that we deliver is underpinned by an assurance of high professional standards in the public interest.

Whilst the core purpose of our profession remains the same as it has been for well over a century, the old saying goes, change will be constant, so adapting to it, necessary.

With an understanding that the crisis will become one in a historic string of many that our profession was weathered, looking beyond COVID-19  to scope outing take action on how best we adapt and support our clients remains our priority.

My business was one of the many to be affected by the restrictions imposed by The States of Guernsey due to mandatory lockdown and social distancing measures. Suddenly there wasn’t much that we could progress with States departments only offering a limited service to our profession. We were not alone and our Island has handled this crisis diligently; and we are now in a good place to find the new normal during Phase 4 and beyond.

The older generation has been particularly affected by the lockdown and a collective thanks the many volunteers who have been doing valuable work in the support networks across the Island especially over the last 10 weeks. Indeed I have am a volunteer at St John and have felt the warmth of this great community pulling together throughout this difficult time.

Thankfully my business is now back up and running and able to work within the Sates guidelines through Phase 4 and beyond. So please do get in contact should you need our professional help.

Grenfell Review by Dame Judith Hackitt

Hackitt Review Key Findings – first cited in the Building Magazine

Main findings:

  • The system of building regulation and fire safety is not fit for purpose
  • The clarity of roles and responsibilities within the system is poor
  • The means of assessing and ensuring appropriate levels of competence throughout the system is unclear and inadequate
  • Enforcement and sanction measures are poor
  • Current methods for testing, certification and marketing of construction products and systems are not clear
  • The use of desktop studies to assess Building Regulations compliance is not properly managed or controlled

Main recommendations:

  • Streamline and restructure suite of “approved documents” sitting under Building Regulations
  • Set up a clear, responsible dutyholder who is held to account for building performance, including work done by subcontractors
  • Establish a robust and coherent system of accreditation covering all those who work on buildings
  • Fire risk assessments to be carried out annually
  • Government should significantly restrict the use of “desktop studies” for assessing building control compliance


The Captains Hotel, St Martins

One of Chescoe’s most recent projects has been at The Captains Hotel in St Martins in Guernsey. The Hotel is owned by Liberation Group and managed by Del and Alison De La Mare.

Chescoe designed the scheme to put in a new bar and alfresco dining area and then obtained planning permission, a building license along with a liquor license from the Royal Court so that that the project could go ahead. Chescoe also assisted with the financial control of the project on behalf of the client.

Local builder, John Blumsom, was appointed as the main contractor and worked in conjunction with Chescoe and the client to procure and complete the project.

Chescoe has enjoyed working alongside Liberation Group to improve and add value to the already highly regarded Captains Hotel. We look forward to working alongside them on future projects.