Working with specialists: controlled removal of asbestos in Guernsey

Working with specialists: controlled removal of asbestos in Guernsey

During one of our recent projects part of the work involved the removal of asbestos. Owing to the type of asbestos this specialist work had to be carried out in accordance with The States of Guernsey control of asbestos approved code of practice 2017.

An assessment of the risk was made by ASR Ltd who are specialists in this field who then notified HSE of their intention to remove the asbestos as is required under the ACOP. The notification includes all necessary plans of work including personnel information regarding training and qualifications and insurance for the work;

Furthermore documentation that outlines safe working methods, encapsulation of the material, hygiene measures personal protective equipment including repertory protective equipment is necessary.

The ACOP also requires an independent analyst who is responsible for completing site clearance certification for the work area, and may also be involved in determining the air monitoring strategy during the asbestos removal, either in conjunction with the client or the contractor.

Once the waste has been removed from the building it, and the contaminated personal protective equipment are sealed and then transported under license to a registered tip for disposal.

Photo 1: Early setting up the work area with protective polythene layers to safeguard against the spread of asbestos fibres into other areas of the building.

Photo 2: Temporary chambers to separate the work area from the remaining parts of the building including shower and air locks.


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