About us

Chescoe Ltd are Guernsey-based chartered surveyors.

In a career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Nigel Chescoe has worked as a building and civil engineering designer, in a construction management role and as a regulator in local building control departments, both in the UK and for 10 years in Guernsey.

Chescoe aims to add value to the building design and construction process and can help you at every stage of your plans. From architectural design services and planning to building regulations guidance and contract administration, Chescoe can maintain financial control over your building projects.

We are also on hand to help with access audits, building surveys and insurance claims and we can work with you on waste management and sustainability strategies.

As a business we are careful to meet our obligations to responsibly source construction products and to recycle building products wherever possible. We support a “timber first” design approach based upon buildability, sustainability and best value.

Our aim is to help you to reduce energy consumption in domestic dwellings and commercial buildings. By using modern, efficient designs, and where appropriate, environmentally-friendly materials, we can help you to reduce drafts and air leakage from your home.


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